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Hi this is my first blog post and is really more of an experiment. I should hopefully get this blog running properly by the end of the xmas holls(fingers crossed). So come back soon to see my new entrys. If you want to see stuff ive currently got published go to dwebs (www.dwebs.bravehost.com) which is my current website.

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  • Coming up
  • about trevor

Soon on this blog will be entrys about thedevelopment of the game Trevor Pythagroras, these include changes to the source code and explinations of how the game works. It will hopefully go through the step by step process invloved in the making of it. It will also give hints of the new levels that are going to be created for it and give accounts of the main changes to the game that i make. It may even run competitions to design the icons, pictures and music for the game :). Hopefully I will soon be able to publish the game on this blog else youll be able to find in on my website (www.dwebs.bravehost.com) when its finished
Coming up
Thi blog should have entrys about trevors pythag aswell as some other topics that intrest me. These will include juggling, kiting and surfing(in the summer) where O plan to wrtie about knew things i learn and what ive done. These wont be in the main section of the blog, but underneath. You can read more about these at my site.

Thankx for reading :). also @ http://www.dwebs.bravehost.com and youtube @ haker2k7 – come visit :). email me for more info at woodford_4@hotmail.co.uk

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