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Exams (Fun fun fun) and Juggling

Wow, its that amazing time in January when the school decides they are gonna give me a load of exams that in theory i should revise for just so they can say well done you got 5 A’s. The reality is all it does is take up a load of my time and stop m doing the things im interested in like writing this blog, coding up Trevor my site and my amazing piece of software to take on dreamweaver(more about that and where to download it after the exams) and of course juggling and kiting.

Diablo trick: half sun

Now as promised ive got another diablo trick for you. This is called half sun, a full sun is supposed to look like the sun(and in a strange way it does) this is the better, easier and more impressive halfsun which still looks like a sun only smaller. Basiccly you want the diablo to go round in a buig circle up over both ur sticks and come back down in the middle, string not crossed now that must seem like magic but its really only the power of a 1/2. anyway this is what youve got to do:

  1. Get the diablo spinning fast and centered
  2. turn around the stick in you strong(usually right)hand so that it is facing you, you can make this look fancy by tossing the diablo up in the air, turing it around and then catching it again or you can just turn it the same as evreyone else.
  3. swing the diablo out to you weak (left)side
  4. take your strong stick round with it, under your weak one
  5. pull the string stick out over the weak one so the diablo swings down through the middle

Sorry that this is so hard to follow but soon ill have a nice vid so that you can see what its supposed to look like and how your supposed to do it >> just blame the exams its not my fault!!!!!

3 Ball juggling trick>> three ball flash

This is my new 3 ball juggling trick section, it will include (like the diablo one) various 3 ball tricks. For more complete tutorials visit dwebs where you can also watch my embedded youtube videos, you visit my youtube site(search for haker2k7).

anyway the three ball falsh, this is a verey basic trick where you throw up all three balls do sothing impressive then catch them all. Its quite good for finishing off a routine or as practice for 5 all juggling, as effectively 5 ball juggling is the three ball flash with 2 extra balls.

  1. Begin a steady 3 ball cascade (Learn here)
  2. Starting with your strong hand throw a high ball( much higher than a normal throw so it takes longer to come back down) then the next bal, in your weak hand, do the same thing and again with the last ball in you strong hand again
  3. There should then be a short period when all three balls are in the air and you hands are empty. This is when people usually attempt their acrobatics or just clap their hands.
  4. as each ball comes back down begin your normal three ball cascade or alternatively catch all the balls to finish
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