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Powerset : the new search engine

I recently found an article on a new search engine called powerset , www.powerset.com, which has a new way of displaying the results. Instead of just displaying a list of results, like other search engines like google, it displays data that it has collected about the search with the results page and when you click on one of the results it is displayed within the results page.

At the moment it just searches wikipedia so you cant get all your information from it, though there is allot on wikipedia, i think this also makes it easier for it to display the pages within the results page and collect information about the pages.

It also attempts to be the first search engine in which you can type in plain english opposed to having to carefully select your keyword, it does this to varying degrees of success.

One useful feature it has on the results page is factz, this collects all of the information about the search term and displays it in lists that are grouped together, eg on its henry VIII example it has a property called wives, in this it then lists each of his wives, you can then click on one of these and it will display more detailed information on this.

I find that when using powerset it manages to find large amounts of information and display it to you in an easy to understand way, so that you don’t have to go digging around all the different pages to find it yourself. The only major draw back is that it has only indexed a small section a wikipedia compared to other search engines like googles billions of pages.

Anyway the only decent way to get a fell for power set is to use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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