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Trevor Pythagoras 08 Download

After a long wait ive just uploaded the most recent version of treovor pythagoras.

download and play Trevor Pythagoras now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you who dont know what trevor pythagoras is, its a game which I (David Woodford) have created in my free time about a penguin called trevor. Trevors aim is to collect the triangles without dieing on the spikes or evil fish. The game is made in java and is complied as java application, which means i cant embed it yet.

For the “proper” instuructions go to my last trevor post

Note: the controlls are WASD not arrows

Whats new:

  1. The first thing youll ntice is my lovley start up screen, the trevlaunch file, this is just a verey basic JFrame with a button that iniates the game. The code associated with the button is identical to that in the main method of the game file. You can still run it straight from the game file using the other batch file provided
  2. My amazing background. The game now kind of supports backgrounds, the default is some iceburgs in alska. To change this just edit the background file(its one of the giffs in the img folder) but keep the dimensions the same. The background doesnt quite work as it moves at a different speed but ill sort it sometime
  3. You can finally kill fish!!! If you jump on the fish now you can in theory kill them, the code for this seems a bit 50:50. well 10:90 but it can work. It should work if the fish is directly below you or below and to the side in which your travelling, if you can make it work 100% ill be happy to update the game and give you a mention
  4. Ive still allowed you to create custom levels, to play these use edit and run the other(not play.bat) batch file as you did before
  5. Hmm thats about it. i cant remeber my last upload so there might be some chages i havnt mentioned but their the main ones.

enjoy playing and dont forget to email me changes is my new file sharing site– may it a visit


Quadratic Formula

February 24, 2008 9 comments

The quadratic formula is a quick(unless you can factorise) way of solving quadratic equations. You basically take the coefficient’s of x, x2 and numbers, put then in the formula, work out the two answers and have your 2 solutions of x. And if that wasn’t easy enough written a console program in c++ that will solve them for you(and gives dodgy answers for complex solution ie) imaginary answers when there are no real roots.

so for the general quadratic


So what do you do, well enter a, b and c from the general equation into the formula, work out the answers and they are your solutions.

Whats the plus/minus thingy. You might be wondering what the thing is after the -b, well its a plus or minus sign. Because when you work out a square root it can have to answers, eg)root 9 = +3 and -3, he formula takes this into account by saying you must use the plus and the minus answers. This therefore means you will be 2 solutions to the quadratic, which makes sense as the graph is a curve and it therefore must cut the x-axis twice.

When the root part is negative(before you find the root) there are no real roots, only complex ones. This means that the curve comes down above the x-axis and doesn’t cut it. If you work out the complex roots, using i for root(-1), your pair of answers will be a conjugate pair.

David Woodfords Quadratic Calculator
This is a console program that i wrote in c++ that will solve a quadratic for you. Just download the file and run it, follow the instructions and it will output the 2 answers for you. I tried to make it work for complex roots as well but somewhere in the decimal data types Ive messed up so only the second parts of the complex answers are correct – though im sure working out -b/2a isn’t too hard for you.
Download quadratic calculator

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Trevor Changes

February 20, 2008 Leave a comment

Its been a while since i last made some updates to trevor so i have. Ive also included to new levels in the download, although there some digging to do if you want to play the previous levels(there stored as a complied subclass of level, not as a text file in the levels folder).


So what are the changes?

well really only that i have made the movement of trevor much smoother. On the first versions the screen was repainted evrey time the main game loop was run. This meant it could only move one block per frame, making the animation verey jumpy. Now ive made it so that it is repainted 4 times for evrey block he moves, so he moves 5px per frame at 10 frames a second, so the motion looks verey smooth.

Becuase people found the “simple to use” level design method to hard!!!!!!! ive made it even simpler. When your level is read in the borders are automatically added, so all you have to do is make sure your level isnt more than 19 lines high and 59 accorss and add and blank line and then end at the end. Simple!!!

Ive included 2 new levels for you to play. Just change the play.bat file so that it pass the game the level you want to plays file name as a parameter.

Happy trevoring. You can also visit the trevor section my site

TREVOR PYTHAGORAS + C >> download update

February 7, 2008 Leave a comment

The latest version of trevor is now downloadable. I have made quite a few improvements to it since last time 🙂 and ive made a new level. To download click below, all posts on this blog also have a download on the left or from my site( — ull need to navigate away from the home page to see the trevor link in the nave bar)



Whats new?

  • Trevors motion is much smoother. Ive added in frame between each execution loop so the motion appears smooth and less like hes jumping around
  • A scrolling screen. This means the screen follows trevor around the level, displaying 20 blocks either side, opposed to displaying the whole level. This allows much larger levels to be created
  • A text file reader allowing you to write your own levels for trevor in a text file with no knowledge of codeing 🙂

How to create you own level

After downloading trevor you can create your own levels, just follow the simple steps below

  1. Open up a plain text editor – like note pad found in accessories
  2. Each chracter in the file represents a object in the game.
  3. once you have produced you level design leave a blank line and then on the next line type “end”
  4. save you level in the levels folder of trevor
  5. edit the play.bat file to have the name of your level instead of test.lev — rember to put in the file extenstion(probably .txt)
  6. run play.bat

so how do i create objects?

The level can be 59 objects wide(so 59 characters across) and 19 high (so on 19 rows). For an empty space use any key other than the ones specified below. You will need to build a floor and walls using the ground object else the game will crash when trevor leaves the games area (you may also need a ceiling)

object codes:

ground — g
triangle — t
evil fish — >
spikes — s
spring — ^
heart — h
exit — e Note: when using exit it takes up a square of 9 objects referenced from the top left so make sure there is nothing 3 objects to the right and down

Note Trevor starts at around object 3 across 4 down ish

MOST IMPORTANTLY ENJOY >> for more trevorness visit my site

Play Trevor >> now avalible for download

January 16, 2008 Leave a comment

Hi the current version of Trevor is now avalible from download from here and my site. This means that you can now play the game, view the source code and make you own changes to the game

Download Trevor (this is a link even if it isnt underlined)

What to do

1) download the game from the above link
2)extract all the files
3)run play.bat

If your sensible you shouldn’t really trust my downloads so ive included all the source codes as well – if you don’t trust me you can check these and compile it for yourself.

What you get

You get the latest development of the game: this is one simple testing level but basically fully functioning game controls. This means you can create your own complex working levels(if you do please send them to me >> ill include a link to your site and i wont claim the level as my own)

All the source codes. This means you can have a look at how the program works, what objects it involves and even have a go at making your own levels, objects or simple changes to the behavior of the game. Any positive changes please send me >> ill remember to mention you.

Send me improvements and levels

If you have improved the behavior of the game or created a new level/object please send them to me at If you want ill include you name on the pages for the level and a link to your website(you’ll have to send me those as well)

My new html editor thingy :):):):)

January 13, 2008 Leave a comment

The editor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HI, ive just finished rebuilding my html code editor version -4, yeh it is -ve because i had a really good fancy one but i left it for a month came back and couldn’t understand the class hierarchy (note comments are verey verey verey important) so ive scavenged the bits i could understand, incorporated a browser and complied version -4 (sorry its only for windows — i dont yet have a way of compiling for Linux or mac — very embrassing seeing as i just downloaded Ubuntu).

What it does

It basically does two things.
1)When you view a page in the browser – the first window that loads – you can click update code to view the source code of that page in the left hand window(because a small problem that would take to long to correct all the links, images etc will then stop working). You can make changes to this source code and the browser will be automatically updated so you can view the results of these changes. This also becomes usefull in the second part of my program. you can also save the file you viewing.

2)using the editor (and a knowlage of css and html) you can quickly create pages using a template i designed. These pages include no embedded styling so its up to you what stylesheet you attach (so if you dont understand css and html you cant make good pages). Ive include an example stylesheet (the one i use for my site) which you can adapt. The ediotr then is basicly a short cut round the entire structure of the page but still requires and formatting of the text (eg paragragh tags) to be inputted manually. It automaticly includes a links to a style sheet called style.css so all you have to do is make it. You can save a page from the editor in a small file that the editor can read or you can export it to html, the editor cant read it back in once its exported in html so if you want to make changes later make sure you save it first. By clicking preview you will open it up in the browser where you can fine tune the code before exporting it.

Whos it for

Its aimed at people how farmilar in using html and css but want a short cut to producing their pages so they dont have to a creat a file with the body, head, html tags evrey time they want to add a page. If you just want to format your text, create a one off file sheet and then cret your pages in second this is fro you!!!! else stick to a WYSIWYG designer


clicking the above link should download a zipped file. Uncompress this to run the program. The main program is called htmleditor.exe, there is also style.css which is my example stylesheet and my logo.


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