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Trevor Changes

February 20, 2008 Leave a comment

Its been a while since i last made some updates to trevor so i have. Ive also included to new levels in the download, although there some digging to do if you want to play the previous levels(there stored as a complied subclass of level, not as a text file in the levels folder).


So what are the changes?

well really only that i have made the movement of trevor much smoother. On the first versions the screen was repainted evrey time the main game loop was run. This meant it could only move one block per frame, making the animation verey jumpy. Now ive made it so that it is repainted 4 times for evrey block he moves, so he moves 5px per frame at 10 frames a second, so the motion looks verey smooth.

Becuase people found the “simple to use” level design method to hard!!!!!!! ive made it even simpler. When your level is read in the borders are automatically added, so all you have to do is make sure your level isnt more than 19 lines high and 59 accorss and add and blank line and then end at the end. Simple!!!

Ive included 2 new levels for you to play. Just change the play.bat file so that it pass the game the level you want to plays file name as a parameter.

Happy trevoring. You can also visit the trevor section my site


Play Trevor >> now avalible for download

January 16, 2008 Leave a comment

Hi the current version of Trevor is now avalible from download from here and my site. This means that you can now play the game, view the source code and make you own changes to the game

Download Trevor (this is a link even if it isnt underlined)

What to do

1) download the game from the above link
2)extract all the files
3)run play.bat

If your sensible you shouldn’t really trust my downloads so ive included all the source codes as well – if you don’t trust me you can check these and compile it for yourself.

What you get

You get the latest development of the game: this is one simple testing level but basically fully functioning game controls. This means you can create your own complex working levels(if you do please send them to me >> ill include a link to your site and i wont claim the level as my own)

All the source codes. This means you can have a look at how the program works, what objects it involves and even have a go at making your own levels, objects or simple changes to the behavior of the game. Any positive changes please send me >> ill remember to mention you.

Send me improvements and levels

If you have improved the behavior of the game or created a new level/object please send them to me at If you want ill include you name on the pages for the level and a link to your website(you’ll have to send me those as well)