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Tan Graph – y=tan(x)

September 1, 2009 Leave a comment

The graph of y=tanx is different from the other cos and sin graphs as it has a range from -∞ to ∞ and a period of 180° or π radians. The graph of y=tan(x) in radians is shown below

Graph of y=tan(x) in radians

Graph of y=tan(x) in radians

As can be seen from the graph the curve passes through the origin. It has  vertical asymtopes (lines it tends toward but never touches — in this case where the graph goes to infinity) at x =π/2,3π/2,5π/2 and x=-π/2,-3π/2 etc radians or at x=90,270,450 and x=-90,-270 etc degrees.

The graph has a stationary (flat) point whenver it crosses the x-axis.


Trigonometry: Sin, Cos and Tan

February 3, 2008 15 comments

This is the basics of using sine, co-sine and tangent for a right angled triangle. To do this you’ll probably need a scientific calculator

Trigonometry Triangle

To perform calculations we are going to use the triangle above.
The three main relationships are:

Tan(x) = o/a
Sin(x) = o/h
Cos(x) = a/h

so if h = 5 and x = 30
a = Cos(30)h = 4.330

We can also use a inverse of the functions
ie) x = tan-1(o/a)
x = sin-1(o/h)
x = cos-1(a/h)

so if o = 5 and a = 10
x = tan-1(5/10) = 26.565

Using this information we can work out any side or angle in a right angled triangle as long as we have to other pieces of information (like a side and a angle or 2 sides). This is used a lot in resolving forces in physics and allows us to derive some other more complex equations.

Soon ill be adding a maths section to my site Breakingwave