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Trevor Changes

February 20, 2008 Leave a comment

Its been a while since i last made some updates to trevor so i have. Ive also included to new levels in the download, although there some digging to do if you want to play the previous levels(there stored as a complied subclass of level, not as a text file in the levels folder).


So what are the changes?

well really only that i have made the movement of trevor much smoother. On the first versions the screen was repainted evrey time the main game loop was run. This meant it could only move one block per frame, making the animation verey jumpy. Now ive made it so that it is repainted 4 times for evrey block he moves, so he moves 5px per frame at 10 frames a second, so the motion looks verey smooth.

Becuase people found the “simple to use” level design method to hard!!!!!!! ive made it even simpler. When your level is read in the borders are automatically added, so all you have to do is make sure your level isnt more than 19 lines high and 59 accorss and add and blank line and then end at the end. Simple!!!

Ive included 2 new levels for you to play. Just change the play.bat file so that it pass the game the level you want to plays file name as a parameter.

Happy trevoring. You can also visit the trevor section my site


TREVOR PYTHAGORAS + C >> download update

February 7, 2008 Leave a comment

The latest version of trevor is now downloadable. I have made quite a few improvements to it since last time 🙂 and ive made a new level. To download click below, all posts on this blog also have a download on the left or from my site( — ull need to navigate away from the home page to see the trevor link in the nave bar)



Whats new?

  • Trevors motion is much smoother. Ive added in frame between each execution loop so the motion appears smooth and less like hes jumping around
  • A scrolling screen. This means the screen follows trevor around the level, displaying 20 blocks either side, opposed to displaying the whole level. This allows much larger levels to be created
  • A text file reader allowing you to write your own levels for trevor in a text file with no knowledge of codeing 🙂

How to create you own level

After downloading trevor you can create your own levels, just follow the simple steps below

  1. Open up a plain text editor – like note pad found in accessories
  2. Each chracter in the file represents a object in the game.
  3. once you have produced you level design leave a blank line and then on the next line type “end”
  4. save you level in the levels folder of trevor
  5. edit the play.bat file to have the name of your level instead of test.lev — rember to put in the file extenstion(probably .txt)
  6. run play.bat

so how do i create objects?

The level can be 59 objects wide(so 59 characters across) and 19 high (so on 19 rows). For an empty space use any key other than the ones specified below. You will need to build a floor and walls using the ground object else the game will crash when trevor leaves the games area (you may also need a ceiling)

object codes:

ground — g
triangle — t
evil fish — >
spikes — s
spring — ^
heart — h
exit — e Note: when using exit it takes up a square of 9 objects referenced from the top left so make sure there is nothing 3 objects to the right and down

Note Trevor starts at around object 3 across 4 down ish

MOST IMPORTANTLY ENJOY >> for more trevorness visit my site

Trevor Pythagoras Level 1 && Diablo trick::Trampeze

January 30, 2008 Leave a comment

Trevor Level 1

Download here(this link now works)
I have now complied my “level 1” for Trevor. This means that there is no something you can play. Click the link above to download it(it is a link, even though it might not be underlined). The aim of the level is to reach the finish(the spirally thing) without dieing but by getting as many points as possible. You can get 10 points for each triangle you collect, i think the maximum is 120. However you can get injured if you get caught by the fish or land on the “spikes” each of the these take 10 points off your life.

other objects:

  • springs: These allow you to jump higher (9 squares instead of 5 i think) meaning you can reach some of the platforms. Just walk on one and watch yourself go up
  • hearts: these give you extra 10 health points
  • shields: This gives you 10 second (50 frames) protection from things that hurt you

How to play

  1. Click the link at the start of this page to download the game as zip file, save it to your hard drive and extract it
  2. If you havnt got java installed already on your computer go to to download it. Note you may need the developer version to download (this is the java jdk)
  3. Run the file play.bat that you downloaded

Diablo Trick:


In the trapeze you make the diablo swing up and around on of your sticks and land back on the string, keep it there for a short period of time and then swing it back down

  1. Get the diablo spinning fast
  2. Swing it across you your weak handed side
  3. And then back across quickly to your strong handed side so it comes up and over you strong handed stick
  4. heres the hard part, try and land the diablo on the strings between your 2 sticks, this is now your trapeze
  5. when the diablo starts to slow down swing it back down to its normal position

At first you wont be able to keep it on the strings for very long but after a while you should be able to lengthen the amount of time.