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February 10, 2008 1 comment

Grinds are more a group of diablo trick rather than any specific trick, however this will attempt to teach you the basics of how to perform a simple grind with a diablo. A grind is basically when you balance a spinning diablo on one of the sticks, like you would on the string.

This is how I do it

  1. get the diablo spinning fast(it tends to slow down when its on the stick) and do a basic toss — though not much higher than your sticks (because you don’t want it bouncing as it lands)
  2. Turn one of the sticks inwards(so its parallel to the string) and try to catch the diablo on it, so that it lands as it would have on the string
  3. Point the knotted end of the stick upwards (because the diablo is spinning if you don’t do this it will go flying off, aim to angle it such that the force of gravity pulling it down the stick matches the spinning trying to pull it forward, its something you get used to)
  4. When you ready (probably after a few second to start with) tilt the stcik back down again so that the diablo can roll off back on to the string — alternatively you can flick the stick up so that the diablo goes into the air and catch it again like normal

This trick will take a while to master, it took me sometime, but once its done it will look pretty good. At first you may only be able to keep it there for a few seconds but with practice you can extend this time, concentrate on keeping it under control so if it begins to wobble return to normal even if you’ve only just go it there.

If you have any suggestions, improvements or comments please leave them below or email me at >> please visit my site


3 Clubs and Mills Mess Juggling Tutrials

February 2, 2008 Leave a comment

HI, ive just uploaded 2 new juggling tutorials to my Youtube account , thse are Mills mess and Juggling

Clubs. These are to go with my written tutorials on this blog as well as on my site (

Any way here they are

Diablo Trick >> Forced Loop

January 26, 2008 Leave a comment

Hi this is another diablo trick post. I have already done one sun but heres another, alternative method, called the forced sun. The look of the trick is similar, the diablo goes round in a circle (sun) around your sticks and through your arms. Here is how to do it:

  1. get the diablo spinning normally.
  2. Turn your weak handed stick through about 70o so that it is in the 2 o’clock position (ifyou imagine a flat clock with the sticks normally at 6) You need the string ends of the sticks to be roughly level
  3. Raise the weak handed stick about 1 inch above the other
  4. quickly pull it down and around the other stick so that the diablo is forced around in a circle between your arms
  5. as you do this you can turn the stick so that they are back in the normal position when you’ve finished
  6. carry on with the diablo as normal ready for your next trick

You shouldn’t find this trick too hard after a bit of practice. A good way of making it look more impressive is to learn to do it in both directions so that you can alternate them.

Good luck

Your Trick

Do you have a trick tutorial that you want everyone to be able to read, if so email it to me at if you want ill include a link to your website and mention your name (just send these in the email) thanxs

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I AM LEGEND >> Review


I am legend is a relatively good film about “the last man” on earth after everyone is wiped out by a disease. The film explains his survival (against victims of a disease) in the first half and then there is a bigger plot in the second as tries to use his own blood to find a cure and save mankind. The film is made better by the mans dog who he treats like a real person in the film.

Some parts of the film are funny sch as when he is curled up with his dog and rifle in a bath or when he know the words of shreck off by heart. There are also alot of parts that make you jump especcially when he is being attacked by people affected by the disease.

Suspence and a scary atmosphere are built up in the film because the creatures that he is fighting cannot expose themselves to light and therefore any attacks happen in dark places or at night. Strangley there is a great resemblance between these creatures and the first monster in “beaur wolf”

The second half of the film is partly spoilt by “gods intervention”. In this apparntly evreything that happened in the second half to try and save mankind is done by god and the main character has a sudden revelation. This is pointless because the film would work just as well without it but would be more believable because you wouldn’t need to believe in miracles. IT is also flawed as if god intended him to save mankind why did he allow them to all be killed off in the first place. Is this some kind of noarhs ark round 2.

However the film itself is verey good and definatley worth watching, especailly seeing as i got in as a child :). Id give it 8 out of 10

Diablo Trick

The next diablo trick to learn is a simple toss. The basic idea is to get the diablo spinning, throw it up in the air, catch it again on the string and then carry on as normal.

To do this do the following:

  1. Get the diablo started as normal and get it spinning uite fast, make sure that it is straight and not wobbling.
  2. When the diablo is centered pull the sticks apart rapidly and the diablo should go up into the air.
  3. as it comes back down hold the string straight and position it under the diablo
  4. as it touches the string slowly slacken it so that it doesn’t bounce off (similar to how you catch a high kick in rugby)

Soon i will have some youtube videos of these tricks so they are easier to learn